Resale Guidelines

Fees associated with the selling of a home within Heritage Ranch are:

Capital Contribution: $3500
Transfer Fee: $50
Resale Certificate: $200
Special Handling Fee (Rush) $50

All Resale Certificates (RSC) must be prepaid to be released. The title company can send payment at the time of request or at the time of pick up. Some title companies require that the homeowner brings a check to the Front Desk.

Title Companies must email at least 24 hours prior to closing to obtain an update for the balance to be collected at closing. This is extremely important due to the unique Member Account and Food Minimum program that HR has. There is no charge for this update, as long as the original RSC is not more than 30 days old. Once the Title Company has ordered the update on the RSC the Member Account loses charging privileges. The homeowner can still use their member number to be credited for food and beverage purchases to use against their food minimum but must pay with cash or credit.

The Resale Certificate Request Form may be downloaded from this website. Please HR Resale Information for forms.

Please mail RSC requests to:

Heritage Ranch HOA
Attention: Linda Soos
465 Scenic Ranch Circle
Fairview, Texas 75069

or email them to [email protected]

Please contact Linda Soos, HOA Operations Manager/Controller for any concerns regard RSC.
Phone 972-886-4700, ext. 109